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வேலைவாய்ப்பிற்கான எமது உத்தரவாதத்துடனான கற்கை நெறி -வாழ்வில் ஒளியேற்றுவோம்.

What KUC does and for whom ?

At KU Charity ,we try to shape up the mind sets of youth (who were affected by the long time bloody war of Sri Lanka) and produce a model education system that creates employable people . KUC helped hundreds of youth in Jaffna to find right employment for them. KUC educates and employs - all for free.

KUC's Free education program is for those who have no support to do a further education

Wow ! Do you give free education for all who are from financially low background ?

No, we filter people with right attitude ,our service is not available to each and everyone ,just because for they are poor,it is for someone who can help the society back with the valuable education they got for free and for those who are capable of learning .

How do you select learners ?

A fine filtering is not possible always but we try the best to identify the altitude of the candidates via various psychometric methods and select.

What professional programs does KUC offer ?

  • Free Soft Skills Training : Trained for over 48 skills such as Interpersonal communication skills ,Creativity ,Negotiation visit us for a tailor made package .
  • Professional Courses for free : Computer Studies ,Hotel Management Studies,Web Technologies and many for talented youth - free of charge .
  • KUC support young entrepreneurs and inventors -If you are a student yet and have a vision of inventing something new , please contact us with your ideas - We are waiting to provide aids including financial assistance .

Want to give us a helping hand ?

We are looking for a building/house near Jaffna town to extend the free training programs to have in its full pace,if any well wisher wants to give us a building on a rent free contract ,please contact us - 0777302882.

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